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The Beginning (Clan of Chaos 0.5) L.D. Hutchinson

The Beginning (Clan of Chaos 0.5)

L.D. Hutchinson

Published February 14th 2014
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

KING OF THE UNDERWORLD, GREEK GOD OF DEATH...Hades, Greek God of the Dead, better known as a cruel dark God...But, to one little girl hes known as Daddy....And on mortal land about to be known as Brother and Defender.***HADES is known world wide as nothing more than a dark and cruel God, but the truth of it is, thats his wife. People never were exactly great at speaking the truth, especially mere mortals and as all stereotypes seem to fall, Hades was labeled the evil one and Persephone the sweet, loving and kind one.In order to get away from Persephone while Hades awaited a meeting with Zeus to get his and Persephones marriage dissolved, hes forced to up and move to the Mortal realm with his three year old Demi-God daughter, Ella where he can finally keep her safe.Though, hes not there just for that. Reports have surfaced all through out the Underworld about demons plaguing humans and on top of that, hes heard nothing but whispers of something called the Clan of Chaos. Though, the origins of this came from the Fates he had a feeling that even if it may not be there now itd soon become something hed have to deal with.Once there he begins to scan the town of Hell, Pennsylvania every night to track the demons as he sensed them, only to be lead somewhere he didnt want to end up at... A rather large battle. Hes not alone in this fight though, and its only the beginning of a plan thats slowly being set into motion by someone working for Lucifer.The fight is on, and theres only one rule to follow. Back the hell up or get sent to the Underworld.