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Philosophy of Thomas Hill Green W H Fairbrother

Philosophy of Thomas Hill Green

W H Fairbrother

Published January 11th 2010
ISBN : 9781282029897
126 pages
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 About the Book 

As the author states in the prefatory note to this book, the substance of the following pages was originally given, in the form of lectures, to students of philosophy at Oxford. It has been entirely recast and rewritten, as well as added to, but my object is the same, viz., a simple, plain exposition of the philosophic teaching of T. H. Green. Such an exposition ought to have a certain value of its own, but my real motive is to help the younger student to read Green for himself. As Green has enjoyed something of a revival in recent years, and as British Idealism slowly comes to the fore among philosophers and historians of philosophy, this book is a useful companion to those wishing to find their way to the thought of Thomas Hill Green. The author gives an account of the central themes in Green s thought, including his metaphysics, his moral and political philosophy, and his thoughts on the ancient subject of freedom. In addition, Fairbrother concludes with an account of Green s reception by his contemporaries.