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They Ate Peaches David      Smith

They Ate Peaches

David Smith

Published 2011
ISBN : 9781927044087
214 pages
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 About the Book 

In this erotic novel, They Ate Peaches, author David Smith brings together a disparate trio. A young man Jacob leaves Israel to see New York City. There he falls in love with a surgeon David and together they return to Israel. Jacobs friend Charlene, known as Charlie, has lost a leg in one of the many conflicts that erupt in the area.Together they explore love and refute the gender and labels each carries. On a drive through the desert, a suicide bomber at a fake checkpoint blows himself up and David is badly injured. Jacob struggles with the meaning of love listening to new friends and old who help set him again on the path of love without boundaries. David recovers and enlists Charlie and Jacob to help him build a hospital in the desert to care for all and sundry.Hatred has repeatedly soaked the ground with blood. These three attempt to replace that with unconditional love.